storm in a teacup (joliebelle) wrote in vaginapagina,
storm in a teacup

Hi ladies...long time no post :)

I noticed that I had a YI last Monday, so I took a Diflucan (My doc gave me a standing rx), but after that I noticed that my symptoms got I headed to the doctor for a confirmation that it was in fact a YI. My gyn confirmed that it was a YI and gave me a 3 day supply of terconazole (+ 1 refill) and more diflucan.

I finished the last dose of the terconazole on saturday night. I'm not feeling itchy or having discharge anymore, but I still feel like there's a slight odor.
My question is if I should take the second dose of diflucan or let my period take care of whatever is still lingering in my system? My period is due to start tomorrow, but I just want this YI to be gone asap.

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