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Weird Period, Negative Test, What is Going On?

Ok, so I'm almost as regular as they come when it comes to my period. It comes around every 28 days, give or take a day. I've only had two months in the past year where the cycle was longer (33 days). My last period was December 8-10. It was a bit shorter than normal which bothered me then, but I've had short periods before so I blew it off. A few days later I remember having a sudden pain in my left ovary region. I commonly have ovulation pain, but this seemed to be far too early in my cycle to be ovulation. I blew it off as a cyst as I get those on occasion, nbd. My cycle seemed to progress fairly normally, albeit a little later than normal (i.e. I didn't start having full scale discharge until about week three), and my PMS symptoms seemed to be fairly slight (I usually have pretty hardcore cravings and mood swings).

Day 28 came and went and yesterday, day 31, I took a pregnancy test just in case. The last time I had intercourse was December 23rd, so over two weeks ago, but we didn't have any accidents or anything to our knowledge. The test came back negative. Today I started cramping moderately and bleeding at around 3 pm, but the flow is fairly light. Some is bright red, some is darker red with a bit of mucus. I'm usually a heavy cramper and first-day flow type of person, so this is just strange to me. I've lost 30 pounds over the last six months, but my period has stayed normal throughout. I'm also getting married in less than two months, so I know I'm stressed, but enough to suddenly wonk out my period?

I just don't know what is happening and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I have another test, so if I'm still wigged out in a few days, I'll take it again. I just feel super stressed about it as I've always been fairly normal and my periods don't really vary in symptoms and flow. Any thoughts? Am I stressing over nothing?

Thanks in advance!
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