sitysins (sitysins) wrote in vaginapagina,

Gential Herpes...

Hi everyone.

I'm new here, so I'm not entirely sure about the rules yet. I read through them, but I hope I'm not missing anything. I just need someone to talk to...

Right now I'm writing this in tears. I think I might have genital herpes. I don't mean for this to seem derogatory to anyone who already does. I'm just scared. On Wednesday I started my period. I was using tampons as normal, until Friday when they really started to bother me. My vagina was incredibly sore. So, I switched to pads. Then my entire genital area started to seem swollen. Then the burning while urinating started... At first I thought I was just sore from the tampons. I hate pads so I started using them as soon as I knew I would get my period, and I thought maybe my vagina wasn't lubricated enough and the tampons were irritating it. Then, I became sure it was a yeast infection. Burning while urinating, sore vagina, etc. But I haven't had ANY discharge. Especially using a pad, I could tell there was nothing but normal blood coming out.

So about thirty minutes ago I thought I would take out a mirror and take a look, see if I could see any discharge. And that's when I found a red bump. A small red bump at the top opening of my outer lips...

I am completely DEVASTATED. I am the biggest advocate of safe sex. I tell all of my friends to use a condom no matter what. I only just lost my virginity in November to my current boyfriend, who I made wait 4 months. I asked him before we had sex if he'd ever had any STI's and he assured me that he hadn't. I know these things don't always show up in guys, so I was still worried. We ALWAYS use a condom, even though I'm also on birth control. Only a few times he's rubbed his penis on/halfway in my vagina for a few seconds without a condom. But I guess that's all it takes... 

One time when I was giving him oral I noticed a bump on his penis, but I didn't feel like it was appropriate to stop. Later I deemed it was probably just a pimple, right? Only a month after we started having sex I went in for STI testing (I'm seriously so paranoid about STI's!), but skipped the blood test for HIV/Herpes because I told my doctor I felt safe with the guy I'm with...

So please, someone, anyone, offer me some advice. I know that all signs point to herpes. But why wouldn't I have any breakouts on my mouth? We ALWAYS use oral as foreplay. Could it be anything besides herpes? Also, if I have herpes, is it really possible he had no idea he had it? Isn't herpes one of the only STI's a guy would surely KNOW he has? Could he have lied to me...? :(

Please, any advice or encouraging words is helpful. I'm obviously going to schedule an appointment with my doctor ASAP tomorrow. But I'm, needless to say, devastated.

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