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Ovulation and spotting in the middle of your cycle

Hi vagpag, this is my first time posting here so I'm sorry if i do anything wrong!
My husband and I have recently decided to try to conceive (we are both 23). Just a bit of background information is that we have had 4 miscarriages, at 6, 8, 9 and 5 weeks. We had chromosomal (if that's the right word) testing done to try and discover why but all tests came back normal.
Anyway. This month we decided to start TTCing and we got ovulation tests (superdrug brand which for those not in the uk, is a drugstore).
I started testing on day 9. My cycle are usually 26-28 days. Most recently they have been 27 days (they used to be a perfect 28 days but after the d&c following the last miscarriage in October 2010 my cycles went to 26-28 days long).

I have had a positive ovulation test almost every day since I started testing on day 9 and I'm currently on day 15 (I will insert a picture). Yesterday- Saturday- I started spotting... Brown with a couple of small clots, but it was mainly when I wiped and it showed as a brown tinge on my panty liner. I also had sharp pains. I have read so many things about what it could be and I guess I wanted some opinions from people who may have been through it. I also got a positive test yesterday on the day that I was spotting..
I'm really confused about why I keep getting positive results and then why I had the spotting. My husband suggested that maybe it was implantation but surely it's too soon for that? I know that ovulation tests can show + when pregnant but again isn't it a bit early for that?
I've read online that it could be PCOS but with the miscarriages (and also in follow ups) I've had no reports or signs of cysts on my ovaries or anywhere else during ultrasounds (I've probably had 6-8 in total over the past 3 years) .
Could anyone share any insight with the positive tests and possibly why I was still getting positive back? And what could of caused the spotting too.
Sorry if I went on a little bit lol. I'll insert a picture below. The results go from oldest (left) to newest (right). So the test on the furthest left is the oldest from day 9 and The one on the furthest right is day 14 (Saturday 7th). I must add too is if I start spotting again then I will be seeing my doctor on Thursday and I also have a blood test booked on Friday to test my thyroids and to see if I'm ovulating.


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