Kelza 'Quietly Crackers' Pilkington (chibikelzafox) wrote in vaginapagina,
Kelza 'Quietly Crackers' Pilkington

Period's Ridiculously Late

Hey everyone! First post here - I hope you can help me. I have a late period problem and it could be due to a million different things.

Normally, my cycle is every 45 days or so - a month and a half, basically. My last period ended on September 5 2011, which makes it just over four months now since my last period.

I've been sexually active since May and have never once had unprotected sex with my fiance (we use condoms, no implants or pills involved). The two pregnancy tests I've take have come back negative and I'm showing no physical signs of being pregnant.

I started university in September 2011, shortly after the end of my last period, and going to university also brought about two big changes in my life in that I had to move to Northern Ireland to live with my Mum and sisters (I normally live in England with my Dad and brothers) - so as well as going through an absolutely horrible time of separation from my fiance, I'm also living amongst girls for the first time in ten years. I know that stress and female company can affect periods.

Of course, I'm a bit of a worrier and I'm freaking out that there might be something wrong down south. I don't feel ill or anything - I'm of a decent weight, I eat well and walk about an hour every day going to and from university. My fiance's really worried as well, bless him.

Does anyone have any ideas for what might be wrong? I'm going to the doctor anyway but I'd appreciate your wisdom. Thanks in advance! <3
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