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Just want to say thank you ^^

Hi sweeties!

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the advice you have given me re horrific period pains, dealing with doctors, and dealing with the implant not doing what I want it to do (i.e. make it easier to have sex, not provide me with a 40 day period).

I went to the doctors and actually bought my post along with me to read so I wouldn't forget anything, and for the first time they didn't say "Oh, just take ibprofin you'll be fine ^^"! The doctor actually looked quite horrified when I was describing the level of pain I was in and has given me a prescription for Tranexamic Acid (to stop the bleeding being so mad) and Mefenamic Acid (anti-inflammatory drug) to take when I'm about to start/on my period and they have both been MARVELOUS! I had some slight trouble with the pills causing me to have gas at first, but I figured out if I have bread with them it stops that from happening. As for dealing with the implant, I went to see a nurse at the clinic, and she's put me on bc pills, which are not only regulating my period, but have also stopped me from falling into deep depressions during my ovulation time (which usually happens...I've still dropped in mood, but not nearly as badly as I normally do, which is nice...).

So I just wanted to thank everyone here for being so supportive and helping me get the courage up to talk to medical professionals about my problems (years of being told "it's nothing" can make you hesitant to voice your problems -__-;;).

Internet cookies for all!
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