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Panic attacks

Hello VPers...I feel like I've been extra needy lately, but I need advice again, I'm afraid. 

I've been having panic attacks for the past two days, almost without ceasing. I will feel ok for a few hours but then they will come back with force. I am feeling super anxious, my heart is racing, I'm nauseous, and I'm in full-on panic mode. I'm also out of my anxiety medication, so I feel extra vulnerable. I don't know what to do...I thought about going to the ER, but my husband is concerned because we don't have insurance at the moment, and the cost would be astronomical...but I have no idea what else to do? Should I just stay home and try to endure until next week when I get my medicine, or should I go to the ER and try to get some emergency meds? I don't want them to think that I'm a drug addict, but I really do need my meds because this is making me literally sick. Help, please? 
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