ripe and rosy (colorwhirl) wrote in vaginapagina,
ripe and rosy

Safer cervix play

One of my partners loves having his cervix manually stimulated during sex, but I know this is not a very safe way to play. Even a tiny nick or cut or poke the wrong way can lead to piles of infections and (bad, unwelcome) pain and generally terrible medical problems, none of which we want. I keep my fingernails short and clean, but that doesn't mean my hands are clean enough to keep a cervix injury free.

Is there a way we can make cervix play a little safer or do I need to put a stop to this for good?

Thanks, y'all.

Added: Since it's come up a few times in the comments, I'll add that our cervix play is really rough stuff. I'm not worried about an accidental bump or gentle stroking; I'm worried because his cervix is bruised and often bleeds (in a happy way) after we play. (TMI?)

And more: Both my pronouns and anatomical details are correct in this post. Safe space empowerment for genderqueer VP users needs to be activated soon, plz.
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