Duty of Candor, Esq. (enderfem) wrote in vaginapagina,
Duty of Candor, Esq.

Burning/Painful Clitoral Area

OK. This is getting very frustrating.

For the past....I don't know, month weeks or so, I've had discomfort/burning/pain in and around my clitoral area. I am prone to UTIs, and had been urinating frequently and feeling weak (telltale signs for me) and so I went in for a test and went ahead with antibiotic treatment, though when I got the results back from my doctor, he said it was negative, though there was a slight increase of white blood cells in the area. Then the really bad burning started, especially after my partner and I had sex. So I went back to my doctor, who said there was some discharge, and he gave me one pill of Diflucan and a week of Metronidazole(?) (the drug for bacterial vaginosis) and tested me for BV, trich, chlamydia, and gonnorhea. Not that I actually thought I had any of it, but better safe than sorry. All of that came out negative, I got the results on the 30th. I did notice there was some smegma under my hood last night, and I got it out, but I'm still burny and uncomfortable. I am unable to reach orgasm on my own, it is almost always uncomfortable, and I have *never* had this problem! Help! Any ideas? I'm 32 years old, and I've never been this frustrated!
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