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Questions about Essure

Hell-o Superstars :D

This community has been positively MIND-BLOWING for me- I am learning so many new terms like nulliparous (that which I am) and cis-gender female (also that which I am). I am also not in a long-term relationship (or any, really). I'm actually in the process of divorce (but it's amicable and friendly, he is still my roommate).

I also learned about menstrual cups and awesome things like Essure.

That having been said, I've got an appointment with a doctor on January 20th to have my yearly gynecological exam, but he is also an Essure specialist. What I was wondering is are there any specific questions I should ask him?

I'm hoping that the fact that I've not had kids won't sway his willingness to do the procedure, but I don't ever want to conceive. I've always strongly wanted to foster and adopt and never ever conceive (personal preference), so this procedure seems to be the answer for my needs.

I just thought you fabulous folks would have some insight for what I need to ask the doctor! :)
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