Carolyn (mirlael) wrote in vaginapagina,

No period on Microgestin Fe 1/20?

So, I started taking Loestrin 24 Fe in August. I took that for 3 months and never got a period. I switched to Microgestin Fe 1/20 because it is wayyyy cheaper than Loestrin. I just finished my second pack and still have not had a period. I am 90% sure I'm not pregnant (no symptoms otherwise) but I was curious to see if this is normal? I really like not having to worry about a period, but it might be comforting to have one now and then, since I am sexually active. 

I have not missed any pills, and if any were late, it was only by an hour or so. I am waiting until the university health clinic reopens on Monday to ask my nurse, but until then: internet, what say you?

Thanks :)
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