Katherine Rose (scarletdulcinea) wrote in vaginapagina,
Katherine Rose

dandelion as diuretic?

Hi folks! Generally I am an advocate for not pathologizing and over-medicating my natural uterus-having body, however, since getting a copper IUD certain concessions have been made [aleve is my savior, and iron and vitamin e make my periods much more manageable]. Now that I menstruate more, I also experience more PMS symptoms that I ever had in the past, particularly water retention. I am good about drinking lots of water and monitoring my caffeine and salt intake, but at the end of the day, I still get very bloated, and dismally body-dysmorphic [which is pretty triggery for me as a recovered eating disordered person].

I've been thinking about using diuretics, but I'm cautious of using drugstore water pills, partly because I used to abuse them, but also because I feel they might be a bit harsh for my needs - I know "natural" doesn't always mean "safer," but I think in this case I think I would feel better about drinking a tea than popping some pills. Anyone have any success stories re: using dandelion teas [such as Traditional Medicinals'?] to lessen menstruation-related edema? Thanks in advance!
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