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anthologia : gathering flowers

help me, vaginapagina, you're my... one of my hopes! (or, injury to breast)

So, um... I may have screwed up slightly.

Quick preface: I've talked to my therapist about this briefly and will be seeing her tomorrow, so I think I have the psychiatric facets of this covered.

So, um, ever since I told my family about my tendency towards cutting, I started cutting creatively in places that were harder to see, most importantly in this case my breast. The actual cuts have been healing okay, but I wasn't able to get to CVS until yesterday to stock up on more gauze and first aid tape, so I had to use band-aids to hold the gauze on. When I took them off last night so I could fix it properly, I discovered this red spot that I'm fairly certain hadn't existed before. It's small and raised and fairly bright red. It also hurts when I touched it lightly, sort of like if you stuck a needle/nail in it. And since I looked at it this morning, it seems to have started weeping a very small amount of clear liquid.

I really don't know what to do about this except for clean it, keep it covered, and use the antibacterial spray we have. I considered that maybe I have an allergy, but as far as I know, hives are supposed to itch, not hurt. There are only three unusual/new things I've been using when it showed up: a new bra (which I sincerely doubt is the problem - there's nothing on it that could be poking my skin, and my other breast is completely fine), the spray Lanacane (but the cuts have been healing okay and the redness around them has been getting better, not worse), and the latex in the bandaids I've since abandoned. I'm a little dubious about the band-aids causing it, since I've used them before without any particular problem, so basically I'm stumped.

Help D:?
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