tabitha renee (lightsabove) wrote in vaginapagina,
tabitha renee

Yeast Infection + Nuva Ring

I have a yeast infection (twice since I got on the nuva ring the beginning of November), and I was wondering if I have to take out my ring to do the over-the-counter cream treatment.

I am also switching back to the birth control pill ASAP (probably in the next week or so) because of problems with the nuva ring and period symptoms.

Should I just take it out, have my period, and see if I still have the yeast infection? Keep it in until I have official changed back to the pill? Take it out to do the treatment? I usually do the 7 day one because it's cheaper. I'll get my period, though, in about 3 days after I take it out.

I skipped my period at the end of November because I didn't want to deal with the really bad symptoms.

Tags: nuva-ring, yeast-infections
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