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Lesbian Sexual Health


So a bunch of discussions over in contact_vp has made me feel a bit more empowered/safe to ask a question that's been on my mind, and another comment over there made me curious about something also related to the topic of lesbian sexual health.

Background Information: I'm a cisgender woman and, for all intents and purposes, I'm a lesbian ("all intents and purposes" meaning that I recognize the diversity of gender and the impact that has on the traditional definition of "lesbian"/my identity as a lesbian). I came out as lesbian a year ago this month; I had come out as pansexual about two years prior. I've never had penis-in-vagina sex, I've never performed oral sex on any gender, and I've never had oral sex performed on me. I was fingered once by an ex-boyfriend when I was 19. I do use a vibrator on occasion to masturbate but I rarely insert it into my vagina.

In short -- I am a "virgin" by heterosexual terms, and essentially, I've never been any farther than heavy petting over clothes below the belt, and under the clothes above the belt.

I am not sexually active with anyone right now, nor am I involved with anyone romantically.

1. AKA, the question I've been having.
As I said, I'm not sexually active right now but this question has been on my mind and I wanted to know for future reference.

A few years ago one of my friends told me about the "30 minute rule" with regards to PIV sex -- meaning that within 30 minutes of having PIV sex, the female should use the bathroom in order to avoid UTIs and the like.

--Does this apply to lesbian sexual activities (i.e., oral sex, fingering, scissoring, etc.)? If so, which ones?
--Does this apply if either myself or my partner were to use a strap-on, dildo, vibrator, or any other sex toys inserted into a vagina? Which objects, when inserted into a vagina, would garner the need for the "30 minute rule" (if any objects do garner the need for it)?

2. Pap Smears

What does one mean by "sexually active" with regards to becoming "sexually active" and needing a pap smear? Does it mean heterosexually active, or just sexually active overall? There was a comment in contact_vp regarding the legitimacy/need for pap smears, and I'm planning on making a gynecologist appointment soon and was wondering how to approach this in my appointment. I'm 22, so by the age standard I should get one, but by the "sexually active" standard, I'm not sure if I will ever qualify for that. :|

These are questions obviously not covered in porn and pop culture, so thanks in advance :D
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