Villagetheatre (villagetheatre) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sore after sex

Hi everyone. Happy new years. I had a bit too much champagne last night and I was at a big apartment party and I remember making out with a guy whose name I don't remember (I never do this, seriously) and then I remember walking home by myself (like an idiot),and getting home by myself, and then I woke up this morning. I freaked out obviously because I start making up hypotheticals about having had sex with this guy after he picked me up off the street, but I he was at the party I was (quite positive) and I don't feel like I've had sex, ie: I'm not sure and I'm ALWAYS sore after sex - or at least you can feel the difference in that one afterward. I would be especially sore since I haven't had sex with anyone since the end of September. I'm also REALLY stubborn when I'm drunk and almost NEVER have sex with anyone while I'm drunk (I think it's happened once).

So, then my hypothetical mind is wondering if there's any kind of pill or cream that you can give a woman to not feel sore after sex and maybe that's why I don't feel anything? I wasn't nervous to get my annual HIV test until this morning. Do you think last night is something I should be worrying about?

Thanks, as always, for reading my nonsensical ranting! (And before anyone says it, I know, I know, drink less. I rarely drink which is why two glasses of wine and two small glasses of champagne put me under.)
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