Sarah (washable) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hey 2012, where is my period?!

Hi VP superstars!

My period seems to be not wanting to start. It's there, I feel it, and it's awful! Here is some background information me:

- 28
- Used to be on the NuvaRing until 9 months ago when I kept having BV outbreaks. Since I kept having them post-NR, it is doubtful that the NuvaRing caused it.
- In a monogamous relationship in with we use condoms
- Since my period hasn't come, I did not have a period for the month of December.

I should probably add that I have taken two pregnancy tests, both of which resulted in a negative reading. I have all my typical period symptoms (tender breasts and nipples, bloating, cramping, and a need to eat everything within a 10-mile radius) and I swear to you, I can literally feel my period hanging out in my girl bits. This is probably not happening, but it really hurts.

Any advice, hugs, free chocolate would be welcomed! Thanks and Happy 2012!

UPDATE: I went to use the lady's room and low and behold, my period is starting (it's a little light, but I'm sure that will change). THANK GOD!!! Thank you for your help, VP!! <3
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