roseprintglass (roseprintglass) wrote in vaginapagina,

menstrual cycles

Hello lovely vagina pagina peoples! I just had a quick question regarding menstrual cycles. How many cisgendered women here sync up with other women's cycles? Do any of you get disrupted cycles when around other women for a long time? I ask because over the holidays I was spending time at home with my mother, who I think is going through the beginnings of menopause. I was definitely pmsing when I went down there, but even though I felt like I was going to start any day, after being around her for a while it felt like the whole process came to a halt. What's more, she apparently started spotting after being around me, even though she wasn't due to have a period. When I have lived with other women, I tend to notice that I either don't have a period, or it is very delayed/irregular. Just curious what other people's experiences are, and if anyone had any insight with all of that!

Hope everyone had a lovely new years! :)
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