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Anxiety and Hormones

Hey Superstars!

Before I get into my question, here is a little background: 31 yr old cis-gendered female. Married w/ 2 kids. Not on any form of HBC. I have a Social Anxiety Disorder which makes me a little more susceptible to PPD. When my first child was born it was a non-issue because I was already seeing a therapist for it. During my second pregnancy my anxiety was out of control, I assumed because of the rise in hormones. When I had my second, I had a moderate case of PPD. I was not seeing a therapist at the time and saw the psychiatrist my OB/GYN provided. While it was a great help, my anxiety has been a bit out of control since then.

Here's my question: I have noticed that my anxiety seems to be triggered by the drop of my hormones 1 week before my period. I am not on HBC, because the added hormones trigger my anxiety as well. Is there anything I can do naturally to help calm my body and derail the onset of an anxiety attack? (I looked through the tags and didn't seem to find what I was looking for)
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