Luna (ninimoon) wrote in vaginapagina,

just need a little support here.

Disclaimer: I am not stating I want to get pregnant right now regardless of my economical status or my emotional state. I am also not saying I want to get pregnant regardless of my SO or that I would hide my intents of pregnancy from him. 

Hey guys I am not really looking for help but more like looking for support. I am feeling horrible horrible baby fever. Thing is I am consciously not ready for a child... like my economy would not allow me to have a child. I barely have time for me because of the university and my job and well things are not right in that aspect. I don't have a car and getting one right now or in the near future would be near IMPOSSIBLE. I don't have insurance at the moment either... My relationship is pretty awesome and my boyfriend helps tons but he's also nowhere near for a child economically. We live together and live okay ourselves but a child would make it crazy. But this month my period was super short and even though I take my pills religiously part of me is excited to think that maybe something didn't work and I am pregnant. I feel horrible for that though =( I guess I just wanted some... support here, someone telling me I am not horrible for being excited at the prospect that maybe I could be pregnant. 
Tags: am-i-normal?, attitudes, clucky
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