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birth control questions

Ok so my computer for some strange reason isnt letting me look through the links you fine people have provided, so I am asking my questions here.

I am 30...yep.  I am engaged to be married to a wonderful man whom I have been with for 7 years.  We use my hormonal birthcontrol pill as our only protection.  It is alesse 28 (also known as aviane/lutera).  I have been on this pill for 15 years. Never have had an issue, and we are both std free ect.

I may have had a chemical type pregnancy in my teens, but nothing else, and am a SA survivior. 

My questions are as follows:

first of all-- My hubby-to-be and I dont want children.  Not for us. We have dogs :)... so:

1.  I want mirena.  Having never had kids, is it even possible? 
2. about mirena, any advice on how to get it? Planned parenthood? trying to get my doc to agree?
3. Implanon- good? bad? ugly?

I am allergic to nickle, so no copper IUD, and no one is going to implant essure without me having kids, so I am looking for long term options that someone will give me!!


*ETA changed my intro to be more appropriate, and to add that I never intended to offend, I honestly didnt even really think about it, but you all are right, and I need to be more careful! 

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