lilly4supper (lilly4supper) wrote in vaginapagina,


I will be starting Nuvaring soon. I have been off hormonal birth control for about two and a half years now. The package says I should wait to start the ring until the first day of my period. I would like to start it before that because I will be using the ring to possibly skip my period. I am on day 25 of my cycle right now and I normally get my period on day 32. Which would be exactly one week from today. Do you think it would be ok for me to put the nuvaring in now? Or should I follow the directions on the package and wait till my period starts? For you information... I am not having sex right now so it is not possible for me to be pregnant. I will be having sex in the very near future which is why I would like to start the nuvaring sooner rather then later. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me.
Tags: hormonal-birth-control
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