microgirl8225 (microgirl8225) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vaginal Odor

Hi there!

First time poster, and I am so glad I ran across this informative community.

I have a question for everyone. Lately I've noticed I've been having a fairly strong vaginal odor. I smell nearly every time I'me in the bathroom and it's so bad that the smell stays in the crotch area of my pants and I don't even wear tight clothing. I bathe regularly, using mild, unscented soap and wear cotton underwear.

My questions are: has anyone else had this problem and were there any home remedies that worked for you? There isn't any unusual discharge and no itching so I don't think it's an infection of any kind. The smell is just strong and embarrassing and I'm really looking for some methods to get rid of it.

ETA on December 31: Thank you all so very much!! You all are so awesome! All of your answers were incredibly helpful and informative. Thank you, thank you!
Tags: am-i-normal?, vaginal-odor-and-taste
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