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Hi everyone!

So on Monday I woke up and when I peed, there was a little blood in my urine. The last time that happened i had a kidney infection and went to the hospital. However it was not as severe this time, (as in the amount of blood and pain), so i bought some UriCalm for my symptoms and drank a ton of cranberry juice and water to flush myself out. I definitely felt a lot better, and my urine looked a little, "cleaner" so to speak, except yesterday there was a little blood, or rather, darkness when i wiped, so i made an appointment with my doctor. he gave me antibiotics, took a sample, and sent it off to the lab to confirm. Between 4:00 yesterday and now (10:45pm), I have had no symtoms whatsoever. I haven't taken the antibiotics yet, and I am unsure what to do. The only reason I am hesitant to take the antibiotics is because I don't want to take unnecessary meds. I know the smart thing to do is to just take the antibiotics, but where did my UTI go??

Any insight is appreciated, thank you!
Tags: urinary-tract-infections
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