cloudsnapper (cloudsnapper) wrote in vaginapagina,

Rhythm method device

I saw a long time ago that there was this little electronic device for the rhythm method of birth control. You input the day your period start and your temperature, and maybe more data.
Does anyone know what that is called? Do they even make those anymore? (I think I saw something about it 2-3 years ago.) Would I need a prescription for one?
Also, anyone have a quick link to the effectiveness of the rhythm method? Even where you take your temperature versus not doing that?
I'm going to try to go off hormonal birth control after being on it 8 years, and want to try without to see if I feel better without it. I'm married, so it wouldn't be horrible if I got pregnant, but I do take a medication that's not good for babies so I'd like to avoid it.
Thanks so much!
Tags: non-hormonal-birth-control-methods
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