whatsherface162 (whatsherface162) wrote in vaginapagina,

Stress and period

So, my period is a little late.  I've taken 7 pregnancy tests, 4 of them in the mornings with my first urine of the day, and they all came back negative.  No faint positive lines or anything.  

I should have started spotting around the 22nd and bleeding around the 25th.  I'm having all the normal  "symptoms" of a period.  Slight cramping, nausea, bloating, fried food and ccaffeine cravings, etc.  just nothing is coming out.  No spotting or pink at all!  Is the stress from worrying that something may be wrong delaying my period?  

I'm not on birth control but my husband and I use spermicide, pull out, and follow the calendar pretty well.  My period is usually not irregular but it can be extremely heavy and painful and I tend to get really sick.  

Should I be worried?  Do you think I'm pregnant? If my period doesn't come at what point should I go to a gyno?  2 weeks?  A month?
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