Take it, Bitch! (tealighttrees) wrote in vaginapagina,
Take it, Bitch!

IUD Stem Poking Out

Pardon any TMI.

My partner was fingering me and could feel the nub end of my copper IUD, the part that the string is attached to, poking through my cervix. It didn't hurt when he touched it, and I can't feel it just when I'm walking or sitting or anything. After showing him where the IUD should be sitting, he's certain the copper part is still within my uterus.

I'm not so worried about pregnancy because it still is in there, mostly, and I don't believe I'm ovulating or anything. I'm more concerned that my uterus is trying to expel the IUD and I'm in for a world of hurt soon.

I'll be calling the sexual health clinic where I got the IUD when I can, but they aren't open today.

What do you all think? Does anyone else have experience with this kind of thing?
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