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Serious pregnancy scare...

Here I am again through all my insecurities, and I thank all those who have helped me in the past, it was very appreciated!

This time I have had quite a few strange symptoms.
- I started dating and having sex with my boyfriend around the 10th of November. As I'm paranoid and we have had a lot of sex, and times where he finished on my hip or stomach or on himself close to me, and there was some frottage, I took Plan B. I had a period on the 20th, which was early (expected on the 27th) but as heavy as usual.

-Between the time I took Plan B and my period, I had an allergic reaction, so I was on meds for a while, then a UTI.

-To avoid another scare, I started taking Alesse on the 21st or 22nd, although I knew I didn't do well last time I was taking it. It did the same, and I stopped a week later.

-I had another period on the 29th of Novermber, after stopping Alesse. It was heavy, so I was pretty sure in my head that it wasn't implantation bleeding.

-After that period ended, which lasted about 3 days plus having the normal old blood discharge afterwards, I kept being sexually active, yet I bought spermicidal film so I would have a second method. Yet not long after using it, I started having pain as if I was starting another UTI, but it subsided not long after. However I had greenish discharge with a bad smell, which resembled the spermicide itself. A week later the UTI-like symptoms came back, went away, and I had yet again a green discharge, more liquid than last time, with a very bad smell (I would look forward to going home to wash and change!). I suspected a YI, bought cream, but never used it as I had never had a YI before and wasn't sure.

-On the 13th of December I was awoken in the night by pain down in my bladder area, and I was pretty sure it was those UTI-like symptoms again, yet it was intense. I tried taking a bath, but it wouldn't go away. It eventually did for a while. The next day, on the 14th, I went to the doctor and she tested me for common STDs and took a urine sample. I had another UTI, so she gave me 5 days of meds.

-Around the 20th, I had sex with my bf and he did some nipple play, which left me sore for a couple days, although I don't know if that pain was because of that specifically.

-We've used condoms most of the time, we sometimes started off without, but he never came inside me, neither did he with a condom, since he can't. He has finished off on me often though, and I'm scared, although it wasn't too close to the genital area.

Right now, I've been having little to no discharge, when I do it's a strange creamy texture, though not green, just white. I'm bloated everywhere, my breasts too, although I have no pain there anymore. I'm exhausted and I feel 'hot' all the time, but I've also been through a lot of stress with university and haven't been eating all that well neither drinking as my bf doesn't take great care of himself and I've been spending all my time with him. For craving, I have craved meat strangely a week ago, but I don't know if it's because of my not healthy diet, and my body just needed protein. I'm just waiting for my period and hoping I'm not pregnant, as I'm supposed to get an IUD inserted on the 9th of January. I'm very confused and terrified. What do you think? Could there be a very big chance of pregnancy or am I just very paranoid?
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