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low grade cramps + brown blood

Hi VPers. Merry Christmas to anyone celebrating! I posted earlier with some concerns of contracting an STI from a new partner. (For anyone who read that, I asked him again and he said he has used condoms with both partners since he was last tested and he hasn't had any symptoms, so I shouldn't be worried. That made me feel better, though I'm still going to get tested myself). I haven't had any more yellow discharge, but yesterday I started bleeding a little bit. It is around 4 weeks since my last period so I'm due for another one at any time, but this blood is very dark brown (almost chocolate colored), and there's not a lot of it. It smells like normal menstrual blood. I've also had some low-grade cramps in my abdomen and back that just aren't going away. My cycle isn't super regular, but my last several periods have been bright red blood on Day 1 without any cramps, so this is abnormal for me. I'm also maybe feeling a little nauseous, but that could be in my head because I'm scaranoid, or a result of eating Christmas cookies for breakfast. So of course, now I'm scared of pregnancy. I have an IUD and my partner withdrew, but this weird cycle is making me worried. That's irrational, right? Between the trusty IUD and the not-trusty withdrawal method, the chances of pregnancy are basically nil, right? If I take a pregnancy test now (11 days since last encounter) will it be accurate? Has anyone just randomly had a weirdly different period for no apparent reason? Sorry, everyone, I'm just kind of screwed up in my head right now and am going out of my mind since I can't get to a doctor for at least a week and a half.
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