shainamaydel (shainamaydel) wrote in vaginapagina,

super-light period = worry?

Hey guys. I just had the lightest period in the history of my body, and i'm wondering if i should be worrying that my pill failed and whether i should take a pregnancy test. This period...I probably could have done it without my DivaCup, that's how light it was. the only way i know it was there at all was some blood in the mucus in the cup, but seriously, it could probably be called just spotting.

i take the pill and i'm pretty good about it, and my boyfriend and i almost always use condoms anyways. i did mess up i think twice last month (i took the pill either really late or the next morning when i realized), but then i made SURE we used condoms for the rest of the month.

I know some people get spotty periods while they're pregnant (hello, "I Didn't Know I Was Preganant!") so now I'm a little freaked out that that's what this was. What are the odds?
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