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Hi VPers,

So, I recently had unprotected sex with a new guy. We did it the first time a few weeks ago, and the last time was a little over a week ago. He said that he'd been tested recently, and when I asked if he'd had unprotected sex with anyone after being tested, he thought about it for a while and said no, and said that he'd go get tested again just to prove it to me, if I wanted him to.

Anyway, for the last few days I've had kind of a funny feeling in my lower abdomen. I thought maybe it was related to my cycle in some way, but it's still kind of hanging around - I don't feel it all the time, just sometimes, and this morning I'm feeling it more. It's not PAIN like cramps, but it's a sensation I notice. Also, this morning after peeing I had a decent amount of yellow discharge on the toilet paper - definitely not urine yellow, but more like cervical mucus. It had a smell that smelled like my normal cervical mucus from when I had my IUD put in, not foul or anything. This hasn't happened in previous days, and I haven't noticed any discharge in my underwear. I felt for my cervix and it's definitely lower, so these may be pre-period symptoms (I'm 4 weeks since my last period, and though my cycle is typically pretty irregular, It's usually 5-6 weeks. Also I don't usually get major cramps). Lastly, I have a bit of a sore throat, but of course, I could just be getting sick - I've not been taking great care of myself.

So, I'm really scared it might be chlamydia and now that I'm home for Christmas I have no way of getting care for it until at least a week and a half. Also, I have an IUD and I know that women with IUDs can have complications if STIs go untreated. Last, to make matters worse, I'm in a committed relationsihp and the sex I had was not within our rules (Please don't judge, I already feel horrible about it) so I'm extra nervous about the whole thing and feel giulty sneaking around and stuff.

Does anyone have any advice? I know chlamydia can be symptomless, and my symptoms are kind of vague and could be nothing, but I'm looking for any reassurance here....Thanks, people. Sorry for the long post.
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