Coilette_from_Robonia (wee_lass_11) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI? bladder infection?

ok I just need to know if something's wrong.

for the last couple of days every single time as soon as I finish peeing I immediately feel like I really really have to go again. I don't know why and I think this is the first time it's ever happened so I'd like to know if something's wrong.

This might be common knowledge to most but I am very much out of my element as to what's wrong.

I can't afford to go to the Dr. nor do I have the time and I don't want to self-diagnose or self-medicate but I really don't know what to do. It's a horrible feeling and I don't like it so if anyone can suggest a cure or maybe some insight I'd be very very thankful.

I would really really appreciate any advice!


update!: thank you to everyone who gave advice and who took the time to read my post. I haven't been able to be to a dr. but I've been drinking a ton of water and avoiding as much sugar as possible. If it's an UTI then it's gone cause the urge to constantly pee is gone. I do acknowledge I need to make an appointment for a regular check up but I hope the UTI and/or bladder infection is gone.
Thanks again to everyone :D
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