littlemonster5 (littlemonster5) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yeast infection and bumps, aka my vagina is very unhappy with me

Hi everyone.

So last week I was diagnosed with a yeast infection after going on antibiotics for a UTI, and I was blood tested for herpes last week (negative for both types). I now strongly think I've also developed an external yeast infection as well.

Last night, I decided to shave (this was before I figured out that I had an external yeast infection), and I noticed a bump on the right side of my labia. So now I'm worried I actually have herpes and that the blood test didn't pick it up :(.

And another question: is it possible to get zits on your labia minora? I just had a bump there that popped a bit of pus and blood, so I'm wondering if this is normal.


Here's a photo. Note: the bumps doesn't hurt or sting at all. It just looks suspicious to me so I'm worried.

Here is the left side, for comparison. My vagina is REALLY REALLY red.

What do these look like to you?

Thanks all.
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