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Yeast infection? Maybe not?

Hello VP,

I've been following this community for awhile, and have learned quite a bit, but until now have not had a need to post. I'm 22 and cis-female, I'm on Ortho Tricyclen Lo (since about 2 years ago, but I took a break February and restarted in August), I have a new boyfriend since October, and I also have a yeast infection since early November that doesn't seem to want to go away.

When I first noticed it I FREAKED OUT. I had never had one before, let alone any other sexual health concerns, but I just didn't like having health problems related to my vagina. I still don't. When I went to my student health clinic, the doctor didn't physically check me or anything, just asked me to describe the symptoms (irregular discharge, redness, really mild itching) and told me to get Monistat. To be honest it felt a little rushed and I wish she would have actually looked. So I went home and bought the 3-day Monistat, but using it SUCKED. It made me itch so so bad I was doing this uncomfortable dance/wiggle thing and it was really hard to get to sleep. The YI seemed to go away, either because of the Monistat or my withdrawal bleed coming.

However, a few weeks later it was back. Since I had such a bad experience with Monistat, I tried inserting yogurt, and that, combined with my withdrawal bleed starting again, seemed to make it go away.

Then, at the end of last week (end of my first week of BC pills) and IT CAME BACK!!! (Was it ever gone to begin with???) This time I got fed up and got Diflucan One, which I took on Saturday. Nearly 72 hours later it still hasn't gone away.

I feel like it's very possible that my boyfriend and I have been playing yeast-tag, although he hasn't had any symptoms. He was on antibiotics in late October - is it possible that I got it from him to begin with? We've probably been having sex when we shouldn't be, too, because I only ever notice that its back when sex becomes irritating.

I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow, and I also have an appointment with my regular family doctor after Christmas, but I just don't know what to do. My boyfriend is very understanding, and actually felt bad and responsible when it first happened. I just don't want it interfering with my life!! This is a new relationship, but its going really well and I really like him, and just want to have sex with him!! Because of Christmas break I won't see him until January, and I just want things to be normal again then.

On top of that, I'm starting to worry that this is more serious that just a yeast infection. In April I got my first ear infection ever, and was on antibiotics. In June I got strep throat for the first time, and was on antibiotics. Now I can't battle a simple and pretty mild yeast infection. Is my immune system compromised? Or am I allergic to my boyfriend? (We don't use condoms, and he always comes inside me)

This turned out very long, so thanks for letting me rant, and for any advice you can offer.
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