gamuzadma (gamuzadma) wrote in vaginapagina,

Me againn

Last Saturday my boyfriend and I had sex, (I finished my period on that Wednesday) and the condom slipped off a few times, but he never finished in or near me. Freaked out anyway cause I'm not on the pill, I took plan b on Tuesday. Had no side effects what so ever, until now. I've been nauseous, and really tired. Also this passed Wednesday we had sex again, He came three times, in a condom, not in me, and we kept going because I wasn't done. lol. Anyway, I'm a paranoid FREAK and I just wanted to know what you amazing people here think my chances of being pregnant are? I'm going to talk to my doc about trying  ortho trycyclin lo also. I want a birth control that doesn't cause depression or weight gain or lower my libido and control my acne, and I heard that pill can do it. Lol that's more than one question, but I want your opinions on both!
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