amazongirl4 (amazongirl4) wrote in vaginapagina,

HSV1 genitally

My boyfriend has HSV1. He said he's never had a cold sore. Anyway, he performed oral sex on me about a week ago. I had a UTI and began taking antibiotics on Sunday. Since then I noticed the left side of my vagina/my whole vagina has been dry. I was inspecting myself and I'm not sure id it's from the dryness but I have a minor tear that bleeds on my vagina lip area. Now I'm paranoid my boyfriend gave me herpes. He does not have a cold sore and did not when he performed oral sex on me.

How likely is it to catch herpes like this?

We have been together for a few months. My vagina is also prone to cuts and bumps (I started a new birth control too) but I don't know if I'm trying to console myself or what :(. I just had a blood test for herpes done yesterday. I had tested negative for both types prior to starting the relationship with my boyfriend.
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