Kristen (xx_socold_xx) wrote in vaginapagina,

Muscle Relaxers for cramps?

I get extremely bad menstrual cramps: I throw up, get dizzy, black out, and am pretty much confined to the bed for the first day of my period. After that, I'm fine. I was put on birth control for a while, first Yaz and then I switched to Loestrin 24-Fe. The Loestrin 24-Fe took care of the majority of my cramps, but due to other issues on it, I went off of it a few months ago. The bad cramps are back, and last month's cramps were the worst I'd had since I was 16, before I ever tried anything for them. >:|

When I had Vicodin (for killing the pain of bartholin gland abscess), I did use one for my cramps. Just one, once a month. It helped immensely, better than the birth control even. However, I no longer have any. I now have muscle relaxers (I sprained my back last month while moving, doctor prescribed them to me and I only took one). Tizanidine, to be specific.

Have any of you treated menstrual cramps with muscle relaxers? Do they work at all? I'm expecting my period soon and NOTHING else works. I'm already dreading the pain and if I can use my muscle relaxers that are prescribed to me, I will be so happy. 
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