. (sheisaclassic) wrote in vaginapagina,

9 week postpartum - going back on the pill question

My original plan was to get the Implanon. After hearing some scary stuff about it, I decided to just go back on the pill. I called my doctor's office LAST WEEK to cancel my Implanon appointment and asked them to call in a script for a pill...I had to call them back again yesterday and they still hadn't called me anything in but said they would do it asap. Sooo I finally picked up my pack of pills this afternoon from the pharmacy. I was prescribed Loestrin 1/20 (generic Junel).
Here's my problem.
I started spotting last Saturday/Sunday and had full blown bleeding Monday. Would it be alright if I started taking the pills this Sunday or should I wait until I have another period?
I called my doctor's office..but hey guess what..no call back.
Also, just curious...when did you breastfeeding moms get your period back after having your baby?
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