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What works for stopping the never ending period of doom?

Yeah, the topic title is my question.

I have the implant. I used to have implanon, and it caused some issues, but they got sorted out relatively quickly with me just taking bc pills. Now my implant is Nexplanon, and jesus h. christ it's been HORRENDOUS. Epically long periods, which got staved off by the second lot of bc pills I took but have now come back, and a worsening of my period cramps.

And this constant bleeding is just draining me. I am frustrated, I want to cry ALL THE TIME because I am just SO SICK of having my period and not being able to comfortably have sex with my bf (I don't like how messy it gets, he didn't say anything >.>). I am tired all the time, I think I'm becoming borderline anemic, my hair and skin are horrible, and I am just sick of it.

Is there ANYTHING you lovely experts can suggest? I dont have time to go to the clinic atm (working 10am-6pm, clinic is walk-in only from 9-3, and I have to get the train at 9 >.<). I've started taking the bc they gave me again but it's not changed anything.

I am actually in tears at the moment I am so frustrated. I just wish I could find a doc to tie my tubes so I wouldn't have to suffer through this, but, alas, at 23 I am old enough to decide to *have* a child, but not old enough to decide I *don't* want them >.> <--personal rant, sorry
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