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I'll po YOUR lite!

Ovarian cysts?

Hello all,

I had a pretty frightening experience earlier this week where I woke up with bad period-type cramping and then ended up passing out and falling down multiple times. This in turn lead to an ER visit and a hospital stay, but since the cramps had gone away by the time I got to the hospital (which was about 8 hours after the event - I think the cramps lasted about 4 hours but the whole thing is kind of hazy) the main focus of the medical treatment at that point was more about head injuries and ruling out various scary-sounding reasons for losing consciousness. I'm not going to post a full write-up here because it's really long and most of it is not related to the reproductive system, but I posted about it in my personal journal here if anyone wants more information.

My doctor said that the original pain may have been an ovarian cyst, and I'd like to learn more about them. I'd particularly like to know if there's any way to predict if/when this will happen again and if there's anything I can do to prevent future cysts. (My doctor mentioned maybe going on HBC, which I'm hesitant to do since I'd just need to go off it again later when I'm ready for kids, so it's not a permanent solution since I do want kids as soon as my personal life cooperates.) I'm also wondering if doing fertility charting would help to predict if I have another cyst (I'm not currently in a relationship nor otherwise trying to conceive a child, so I suspect this would also be a giant hassle for me to do long term, but at least it would provide a leg up for when my life cooperates with having a kid rather than possibly masking the likelihood of further cysts until I'm actively trying to get my ovaries to cooperate with conception plans as I'm worried about with HBC).

Mostly, I'm freaked out because my mother had problems with both ovarian cysts and ovarian tumors, and it led to her having a hysterectomy at age 31 (I'm 30 now).

I'll be seeing my doctor for a follow-up appointment in a few weeks or a month, and I want to have good questions when I go and a good idea what kinds of things she might suggest, so I'd appreciate any suggestions you may have.
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