//Dreaming lightly on your own// (in_pieces) wrote in vaginapagina,
//Dreaming lightly on your own//


Has anyone been prescribed spironolactone before? My dermatologist just sent on a script for me to start for thinning/loss of hair, after my initial bloodwork to check for various deficiencies came back normal. (although they didn't really check to see what my vitamin levels were, can they even see that in my blood?) My doctor knows I'm also on birth control (trinessa), and knows that i'm using it for, as he put it, "no babies" (it is my sole form of BC)

So basically, my question is....

1. has anyone been prescribed this medication? Did you have any side effects?
and 2. Does anyone know if it is going to decrease my protection with my birth control?

Thanks much.
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