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Implanon insertion experience

I got Implanon today and because the tag didn't have much information about it, I thought I would post a brief recount of my experience. If I'm allowed, I'll edit this post later on with new information as it becomes available to me (such as side effects). Otherwise, I'll just add new posts if it seems that there is an interest.

The whole procedure took about thirty minutes from the time I stepped into the exam room to the time I walked out the door. I signed two consent forms and then the process pretty much started rolling.

The nurse practitioner and the other nurse who helped her verified that the Implanon was in the needle. Groovy. This is done every time.

My arm was numbed, and this was the "worst" part. Everyone agrees that this is the worst part and the nurse practitioner doing the insertion said that the previous girls really hated the burning sensation and that some cried - but it was pretty much pain-free in my opinion. I would not have even mentioned the VERY slight burning sensation, which lasted about six seconds, if they didn't ask about it. Gardasil felt way worse to me, and even that was completely bearable. My reaction was apparently a rare one, though. They said no one had handled it so well. For the "worst" part, it was easy.

I've had numerous body and facial piercings, and the needle used for Implanon is only a tiny bit larger than any of those needles (around 14g) were - or maybe it was the same, honestly. It might look very scary to those who haven't been pierced. I was curious about this, and she let me touch the numb place before using iodine to sterilize it again. I am very glad that she encouraged my curiosity.

She said "Big stick" and then inserted the needle. I could feel it moving inside of my arm, but it was painless. I felt it moving further in distinctly, watched her as well as I could when she was pushing a button to inject the device, and then felt it slide out. She pushed a piece of gauze to it and had me feel where the Implanon was.

I admit, I wasn't sure that I felt it so I just said that I did. I don't know why I couldn't feel it. Maybe I wasn't really sure what I was looking for or something.

She put a band-aid on it, wrapped my entire bicep in an ace bandage and told me to leave them on for a week and for a day respectively. Afterward she sent me on my way with a wallet card to remind me to get it changed in three years.

I feel a slight tightness when I lift my arm, but otherwise there isn't really any pain. I can definitely feel it now. I'm an over-sharer so I'm telling everyone. I'm also really excited that I had it done. I am not looking forward to the bleeding that apparently happens to many people in the beginning and if I have excessive bleeding, I hope to stick it out for a long time to let the side-effect pass because I will be really disappointed if this doesn't work for me!
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