bear1gb (bear1gb) wrote in vaginapagina,

Boyfriend has wart? Unsure of how to talk about this

My boyfriend seems to have a wart on the shaft of his penis. We have protected sex but haven't in a few days because I recently got a UTI. I have HPV but I am looking to follow up with a pap smear (I was advised to have an annual done to check on my dysplasia). I was diagnosed over a year ago with HPV.

This has been a really sensitive issue with me and I want to have sex without worry that I am going to get warts or another strain of HPV, because I've worked on becoming a lot healthier since being diagnosed. I've been exercising, taking vitamins, eating right.

How would I bring this up with my boyfriend? He has already been tested for everything else; the only thing he has is HSV1 which 90% of people have anyway, but I'm negative for both HSV1 and HSV2.

Thanks for any help. I just want to know how to bring this up appropriately.
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