Alwyn (sabishii_kirito) wrote in vaginapagina,

Abdominal pain

I've had stomach problems for the past few years. It started with really bad heartburn and upper right abdominal pain that would get worse with anything and everything I ate except for canned soup. I was prescribed an antacid. It worked. Kind of. But then things got worse, and I moved out of the country and got health insurance.

I went to the hospital several times (they're like clinics here on some days), and tried various medicines for heartburn and constipation. An endoscopy revealed no ulcers or stomach damage, so the doctors were kind of stumped. I was eventually prescribed cymbalta for depression, which I've read also helps with IBS. Well, it did help with this. Things cleared up except for a few flare ups that went away on their own after a week or two.

Well, I've been weaning myself off of cymbalta and just stopped completely last Monday. My stomach problems are slowly coming back, and I'm completely stumped. My diet isn't the best, but I eat pretty decently--not much red meat, lots of vegetables, and I've been cutting back on my coffee consumption (I'm at a few cups a week).

I'm going to the hospital this weekend if I can, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what could cause upper right abdominal pain. The pain is right below my ribs, a few inches right of the sternum line. Heartburn, recurring constipation, and my breath has been kind of gross recently as well (that could be because of mouth-breathing because of the dryness, though?). I've searched google, and of course some of the top results are gallbladder/pancreatic/liver/stomach cancer when you look up abdominal pain, but... I doubt I would be ok if that were the case since this has been going on for a few years.

Thanks in advance and sorry if this doesn't make sense. Brain zaps from the med withdrawal and getig pulled away mid-post made me kind of lose track of my thoughts a few times.
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