may_third (may_third) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vitamins/diet & period changes?

Hello all!
I know your diet can effect when you get your period/produce changes in your cycle...I am starting to get a little worried, though, because I never really thought that eating *BETTER* could delay my period...Could it?

I have been taking a women's multivitamin every day for the past month. My last period was November 10th, my cycles are 31-32 days long, and I'm quite positive I ovulated on November 24th. I didn't have sex up to/on my ovulation estimate date, but did have sex on the 26th of November and have been having sex consistently since. My SO and I use withdrawal and fertility awareness as our only form of contraception, though this is soon to change. My period is due TODAY according to my calendar and I have been feeling kind of PMS-ish on and off for the past week, and today I had some slight cramping when I woke up but it's since ceased...other than that I my period should be here :(

I'm really worried! Could me bettering my diet and taking a multivitamin consistently delay my period? I also got kind of sick the week of the 24th, don't know if that could mess anything was nothing major though, just a very minor cold.

Thinking about going to the store in a while and picking up fresh parsley and some cheap vitamin C to try to make it come faster...any thoughts? I'm starting to get really scared!
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