gamuzadma (gamuzadma) wrote in vaginapagina,

question about pregnancy and condoms?

ok so my boyfriend and I had sex about five times this past 
we used condoms, but i'm not on birth control because i cant tolerate it well.
the condoms have nonoxynol 9 on them already.
we were doing it earlier today and the condom slipped off a few times, but he pulled out and put it right back on. 
he didn't go inside without being covered, just came out and the condom kinda like stuck inside me a little.
today is my first day of ovulation/high fertility, according to this app i have. lol idk for sure. 
he didn't finish inside me either, but i get stressed so easily about this since i'm not on birth control. 
what are my chances of being pregnant, and should I get the plan b pill? 
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