dragonflyinlove (dragonflyinlove) wrote in vaginapagina,

Discomfort after IUD insertion

I had a copper IUD put in yesterday morning, the insertion went great, a bit of crampy feeling/discomfort during the procedure but afterward I felt totally normal, no pain/cramping at all.

Yesterday afternoon/evening and this morning I did a lot of walking,getting up and down while holding a baby etc.

As of this morning I am feeling discomfort  (I have a high pain tolerance to what I call discomfort other may/have been know to call pain/extreme pain) in my groin/ pelvic area but only on the left side.

I know discomfort/cramping is normal for a few days but it concerns me that its only on one side...and its not a cramping feeling at all, rather a tender/pokey feeling...hard to describe but it makes standing straight up kind of uncomfortable and getting up from a sitting position is as well.

Is this normal?

My OB is 2 hours away so I dont want to make a big deal out of potentially nothing...plus we dont have the gas to go back right now...if its something major we will figure something out though.

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