Emily Victory (naturalfiction) wrote in vaginapagina,
Emily Victory

weird discharge?

hey all! This is my first post (and my first visit in quite a long time...) and I'm kinda concerned...

Around last year my discharge changed from kinda snotty and clear, sometimes kinda whitish and always very elastic, to thick, white, penny-scented goop. I didn't think much of it until I was actually at the gyno for the first time in july.

I asked him if it looked weird to him and he said no, it looked normal.

I barely ever get wet when I have sex anymore, no matter how much foreplay is involved.

My gyno put me on microgestin (generic of loestrin) fe 1/28 for a month, then I switched to tri-nessa (generic of ortho tri-cyclen lo). I've been on the pill in general since july.

should I find a second opinion? Literally it changed in like a day, there was no itching or anything... has this happened to anybody?
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