mousebebe (mousebebe) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yeast Infection and Period

Hi, all. I'd appreciate some quick advice on something.

I'm pretty sure I've got a yeast infection, since white clumpy discharge and slight irritation/itchiness in the vulva aren't normal for me. This itself really isn't a problem, since I actually have a Monistat 3-day pack that's unopened except for the itch-relief cream for the external areas; I got it last summer when I had a yeast infection then and ended up getting Diflucan from my gyno instead. My concern is mostly because my period was due last week, so I'm not sure whether it'll arrive in the next few days, in a week, or just skip this month entirely. There's no chance of pregnancy, but I run a four to five week cycle normally and the stress that I suspect contributed to this YI can sometimes derail everything. I know I've seen here the idea that a period can sort of clean everything about and knock out a YI, but I'm not sure whether that's a viable option because of the timing issue. I'd like to just start the Monistat immediately, but it's the fact that my period could start tomorrow and potentially throw off the dosing that concerns me.

My questions are:

1. Can you effectively use Monistat during a period, or would the blood flow negate it? Could this be worked around by insertion before bed, when I'd be lying down and slowing the flow slightly?
2. I normally use a menstrual cup. Could I use the Monistat with a menstrual cup, and if so, how? I suspect my alternative would be tampons or pads, probably disposable ones since I don't know how to ensure the yeast being cleaned out of the cloth ones to prevent a recurrence.

I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions (except to try garlic, I'm not quite ready to try that yet!).
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