Jady Arewar (arewar) wrote in vaginapagina,
Jady Arewar

Multiple periods after missing BC for a week

I've been on HBC for 3 years, and the same brand for half that time, never have had issues missing pills. I'm on an extended period schedule, every 3 months.

I finished a pack last week and had a normal period as scheduled. Then I realized that I had run out of packs. Oops. I work fulltime and have my packs shipped to me through the mail. I ordered a refill, assuming it would come within 2 days as usual, and didn't think missing 2 days right after a period would be a big deal. (Pregnancy is a non-issue, not been sexually active in the last few months.)

There was a screwup with my order, and now I expect to get them Saturday. Okay, that sucks but not a big deal.

Then yesterday, about 5 days after my last period ended, I've started a new period. It seems perfectly normal, no cramping or anything.

Is this normal, given that I'm on an extended schedule? When I get my BC, should I wait for this period to end, or should I start my pills immediately?
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